March 2021 Newsletter

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To be an artist is to believe in life.
~ Henry Moore

Meet Our 2021 Intern: Esmé Stevens

Greetings to all! My name is Esmé Stevens. As you may or may not know, I am now the official intern for the Wrightwood Arts Center and am more than thrilled to begin this opportunity. It is my goal is to assist in creating a better environment for fellow artists and promoting the importance of the arts.

My journey as an artist began on the driveway of my childhood home, one-year-old me covered in pudding paint and sidewalk chalk. From then on creative passions have filled every corner of my life. As I grew up, I became fascinated by the endless creative freedom that art can be. There are no limits to what anyone can fabricate. Whether it be through the strumming of my guitar, filtering my thoughts through poetry, or escaping to my own little world through fantastical sketches. For me, art is not just a pass time or a hobby but rather an escape to my happy place. Art has inspired me to live life in a way that appreciates the beauty of this world and brings others to delight in it also.

Ever since I can remember, I have seen the world differently. The way a vine wraps around the brick walls of an old house does not merely appear as such, but also begins to tell a story that my imagination seeks to unfold. With the use of my artistic mindset, I hope to bring all of you joy in seeing the Wrightwood Arts Center grow together as a community and create a second home for artists and art connoisseurs alike!

Esmé Stevens is a senior in the Kolbe Academy Homeschool Program.

“Afternoon Tea” by Esmé Stevens (digital art, 2021)

Wine & Watercolors with Gayle Dowling [CANCELED]

Our March Wine & Watercolor Zoom with Gayle Dowling is one three-hour class. The cost $15 total for members and $20 for non-members. Visit the Watercolors page for more information. The deadline to register is Thursday, March 18th. Due to inclement weather altering her schedule, Gayle has to cancel the art class for March.

Next WAC Adventure: Desert X!

NOTE THE NEW DATE! Desert X is a biannual, outdoor contemporary art exhibition framed by the mountains and desert of the Coachella Valley. These site-specific artworks range from murals and projections to large-scale sculptures and virtual installations. And they take on big themes like fossil fuel use, rising sea levels, and class divides. The Wrightwood Arts Center will host an Arts Adventure “Caravan” to see a number of the Desert X art installations. Cost is $15 for WAC members and $20 for non-members. Outdoor dinning is now available in Palm Springs, so participants will be purchasing there own meals at a restaurant where we will also stay in our “pods.” Those who have already purchased tickets at the original price will receive a $20 refund when we arrive to go toward lunch. For those who haven’t yet, the price has been reduced. For more information and to register, visit our Adventures page.

2021 Wrightwood’s Got Talent Competition

The Wrightwood Blues Society’s annual talent show and scholarship competition is back in an online format. Enter to Win the 2021 Terry “Big T” DeRouen $1000 Music Performance Scholarship by submitting a YouTube video clip. Open to all K-12 Students in the Snowline District and surrounding areas. Performance should be original material that you have permission to use. Visit the Wrightwood Blues Society website for more information and to enter. The deadline for submission is March 31st.

Poem of the Month

Ann DeVilbiss


Coat this ugly world in tumbled ice cream
so I can glut my eyes on something pretty,
tromp endless, forgetting the existence of toes.
Give it loud sunlight, if it has to leave,
sent off in a parade of blue heat
to merry grace every storm sewer with
trilled tongues bright as new pennies,
waterfall of coins rushing underground.
I swear if I can just have this one day
of perfect scenery, I’ll stop complaining
for at least two, stop reminding you of
stacking bodies, evil lofted on a flag pole,
charging down what’s good to leave it
trampled, fleeting as snow flees
when the sun pretends to bring us light.

from Rattle’s Poets Respond

Ann V. DeVilbiss has a BA in English from Indiana University and is the recipient of an Emerging Artist Award from the Kentucky Arts Council. She lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information, visit her website.


© 2021. All individual works copyrighted by their creators; used with permission; all rights reserved.

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