Saturday, September 18, 2021


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Important Message from the Wrightwoood Arts Center

Hello Everyone,

We hope this email finds you in good health with some downtime to fuel your artistic endeavors.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the Corona Virus pandemic, and its potential impacts on planning and attendance, we have decided to postpone the Wrightwood Arts & Wine Festival until Saturday, September 18, 2021. Be sure to put that date on your calendar! All of our efforts, and yours, have not been in vain. However, they will take longer to come to fruition.

We were thrilled to receive your applications and are looking forward to seeing you in 2021. There are two options for those of you who sent in your application with your $15 entry fee:

A) We can refund your money and return your application materials, which you can resubmit next year.

B) We can keep your application on file and next year automatically place you on the list of applicants in the same order as you appear now. (We will notify you via email when you are added to the new list).

Please let us know via email ( or phone (760.249.6709) which of these two options you choose.

As you know, Mountain High Ski Resort has chosen to be our Presenting Sponsor which translates into fantastic publicity for you and next year’s festival. Barring anything unforeseen, you will be able to sample delicious food from the Cousins Maine Lobster Truck, The Deli Doctor, a New York Deli on wheels, and from local eateries. We will host local wineries and many talented artists like yourself, while enjoying classical, jazz and blues music throughout the Festival grounds. Come along with us into 2021 and be a part of the Wrightwood Arts & Wine Festival, Saturday, September 18, 2021!

Best regards,
Pat Farrell

Festival Chair