Throughout the year, the Wrightwood Arts Center will be featuring artists at the Wrightwood Community Building and Wrightwood Arts Center. For information on how to apply as an artist, view our art show application.

Upcoming Shows

Broadsides 1982 – 2020
Jean Gillingwators – Blackbird Press
1:00 p.m.

(Wrightwood Arts Center)

For nearly four decades, letterpress printer Jean Gillingwators has been creating broadsides that feature American poets. In 1982, she established Blackbird Press when she bought a 1941 Vandercook 4T proof press. Printed on one side of a sheet of paper, broadsides were first used to print ballads, news information, proclamations, government business, and notices of meetings. The most famous American broadside is the Declaration of Independence, printed in 1776. Today people collect broadsides, often as keepsakes celebrating a special occasion or honoring an important person. In the upcoming exhibition at the Wrightwood Art Center, guests can see 25 broadsides as well as several letterpress-printed books made by Gillingwators. Everything is done by hand, including setting type, printing, illustrating, and binding. Gillingwators lives and works in Upland, California. Shortly after the opening of the exhibition at 1:00 PM on Saturday, September 18, 2021 at the Wrightwood Art Center, Gillingwators will introduce Blackbird Press, her work, method, and materials. Friends of Wrightwood Library past president Jean Arnold will introduce Gillingwators, who will briefly speak about Blackbird Press, her work, method, and materials. Guests will receive program booklets.

Calling All Artists

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Past Shows

February 2020 | Handmade Jewelry by Suzi McKinney
January 2020 | Photography by Janet Thornhill
December 2019 | The Creative Process by Chet Noll
October 2019 | Paintings by Gayle Dowling
July 2019 | Photography by Zach Budd
March 2019 | Paintings by LoLLY and Katherine Flores