Mandala Art Painting with Suzi McKinney

In the ancient Sanskrit language, mandala means “circle”. The mandala is a geometric design that represents the cosmos in the universe. You may find this type of painting, using dotting tools very peaceful and meditative. Mandala art first appeared in the 4th century in India inside Buddhist monasteries. Buddhist monks created mandalas because of the meditative process helped to train their minds to become more enlightened.

Dotting is a simple technique and Suzi will guide you on this meditative and creative process. We will be painting on wooden blocks and use various tools to create the dots with acrylic paints. The pattern itself is simple yet beautiful. You will have a finished project to take home and enjoy or give as a gift.

The supplies will be included, bring an apron, or wear older clothes, acrylic paint is water based, but once dry it will not come out of your clothes.

$25 per person and seating is limited. Please register and Venmo Suzi directly at Suzi Mckinney. Find contact info on her Facebook page, or email


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