Painting for Absolute Beginners w/ Jeni Bate


This class is for anyone who would like to learn the basics of how to paint but doesn’t have the time to do a 10-part weekly class, or for those who have painted years ago and could use a refresher, or the self-taught who feel they might be missing something. Jeni Bate teaches the class in watercolor, but the first three parts translate to all colored mediums (acrylic, oil, pastel and to a certain extent colored pencil).

This is an intensive class which runs all day on Saturday with a short break for lunch (which you should bring). You will work hard and you will learn a lot. All materials are provided, but you should wear clothing that you won’t worry if you get paint on. High schoolers and adults are the age range. $125/student. Max 6 students, a small class allows for plenty of individual attention and specific interests in the class to be covered.

Where: Wrightwood Arts Center, 6020 Park Dr, Wrightwood.
How to sign up: Call/text/email Jeni: (310) 720-1552 /


About the Artist

Jeni Bate works out of her studio in Salton City, California—though she grew up in Wales. As a child she enjoyed painting, but as a teenager brushes were set aside for left-brain activities resulting in a move to California in 1995.

In 2001, Bate had an opportunity to work on photography skills but soon had an epiphany: “Now, you have to paint!” The sky featured regularly in her early paintings, and gained ground as she found it to be one not only of personal fascination and variety but of universal appeal.

She started painting with watercolours, soon adding acrylics and oils. A series of errors gave her inspiration ultimately progressed into her signature refractured watercolour technique. After a few years, she was approached by quilters who likened her reorganized images to a technique called “refractured quilting”, so she reused the name.

Adjustments to her technique stretched to incorporating acrylic with refractured watercolour and optionally adding poetry, a creative force since the age of 7, written for and included in the painting.

Bate sells artwork at art fairs in southern and central California, Arizona and Nevada, and works with galleries in that area. She also has occasional solo shows at various locations. Her work is in private, public and corporate collections across 7 countries.

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