Gayle Dowling was featured at the Fall WAC Meet & Greet. Her art was on display, and refreshments were served.

Gayle Dowling grew up in a family that appreciated and loved art and music. She first received art instruction from her grandmother, Mary Lott, who studied under the well-known seascape artist Bennett Bradbury. Mary’s work was displayed at her popular art gallery in Laguna Beach. Gayle later studied drawing and watercolor in college using those skills to teach workshops to students and teachers at Jurupa Unified School District, where she taught for 20 years until her retirement in 2010. Gayle has taught for Riverside Community College and is currently teaching at “Keyboard Art School” and at her home art studio in Wrightwood.

Gayle founded The Loft in 2008 as a working art studio. The studio has evolved into a community arts education center, now known as the Wrightwood Arts Center. Her artwork has been published in Inland Empire’s Elan magazine and has been shown at a number of art galleries, art walks and coffee houses throughout Southern California. Gayle is also an accomplished musician and songwriter, often singing with her two children, Brittan and Adam.