Local artist Katheryn Flores specializes in acrylic paintings of dreamscapes and the beauty of the natural world. She dreams in vivid color and fluid movements and expresses her unique visions in each piece of art. Katheryn’s artistic philosophy involves the desire to broaden perspectives in ways to help the viewer to see all that is possible in a simple image…to show how even the mundane can contain magic. Her art conveys bold, brilliant, thought provoking images that turn normal perception on its head and push the viewer toward new internal vistas by means of imagination.

Painting by Katheryn Flores, who is featuring this month along with LoLLy as the Artist Spotlights at the Wrightwood Community Center.

LoLLY: “My name is LoLLy and I am an artist, I think. My house is small and my hands are busy. Selling art makes room for new creations, creations that spark from a flicker of an idea. These ideas run through my head until released upon the lowbrow wolf pack. I am not a painter, I am an opportunist. I am not a sculptor, I am curious. I am not a writer, I am restless. I am just an artist, I think.”