More than a year in the making, this film celebrates our community, the arts, music and nature. Artist interviews include John Frame, Patricia Farrell, David, Kazumi, and Shion Svenson, Reyna Rivera, Mary Duman, and others! Locations include WAC, local artists’ studios, Claremont Lewis Museum of Art, the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, the 2022 Wrightwood Arts & Wine Festival, and other sites around Wrightwood. Original music is drawn from local artists Rodger Whitten, Gayle Dowling, and Greg Jones.

Presented and produced by the WAC and supported by Flagstar Foundation, the local Desert Community Bank, and individual donors, the creative team includes: writer, director Scott Mahoy of Haven Creative, who has 20+ years’ experience in the art of filmmaking; and director of photography, Zachariah Budd of Cultivation Studios, a Southern California-based film and photo studio.

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