The original school, Keyboard Art, was started by Chet Noll & Joyce Wonderly in 1993. They were passionate about bringing music, arts, and culture to the small community of Wrightwood and they successfully grew the school every year with their dedication and commitment. Having the groundwork laid, Chet & Joyce retired the business to Dylann & Kris, in hopes of keeping the music alive for many more generations to come.

Dylann began as a guitar and ukulele teacher at Keyboard Art in 2017. Her love for the community and students of the school was instilled during those years. When Dylann & Kris found each other, they became a mighty force of partnership and collaboration that served them in business, music, and education. Kris brought his expertise in classical and jazz guitar, recording, producing, engineering, woodworking, and his restless innovation and good ideas; Dylann brought her multi-instrument talents, photography, small business know-how, passion for inspiring young minds, and her enthusiasm for purpose, meaning, and growth.

Together, they founded the new evolution of Keyboard Art, Wrightwood Education Studio — or WES, for short. They now share many of their talents and passions with students all over the country, with the help of a growing number of incredible educators at their side.
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