Gary Thornhill has been a resident of Wrightwood for thirty eight years. During most of that time he was  a high school  woodworking instructor, which led me to become interested in extending my experience as a wood turner in retirement. He enjoys turning woods native to the western U.S., primarily local woods of walnut, pine and varieties of oak.   As each piece of wood is unique so goes each turning; all are unique as is the wood’s shape and grain.  “My joy comes from seeing the rough wood, very often plain reconfigured or damaged wood, become beautiful as the project progresses.

Manzanita root burl vaseMrytle wood & Manzanita 02Madrone burl platerMrytle wood & Manzanita topManzanita root burlBirch bowl 04Elm burl 01Elm burlElm burl vase 02Cedar vase 01.1Oak burl 03Walnut bowlplater_detailWalnut bowl 01