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Is there lodging in Wrightwood if I want to spend the weekend?
Yes, Wrightwood is a ski resort town in the winter, so there are many lodging options, including private cabins, vacation rentals, and traditional motels. You can try: Corte Property Management (760-792-8267), who manages numerous vacation rentals, or Grand Pine Cabins (760-249-9974), newly renovated, upscale lodging in the heart of Wrightwood.

What time does the music start?
The all-new music stage begins at 1pm (doors open 12:30).

When does the wine tasting begin?
The wine tasting is held from 12pm – 5pm.

What is the weather, typically, at the end of May—and how should I dress?
Days are sunny, with an average high around 68° F. Nights cool quickly, with the average low down to 44° F. Bring sunscreen, a hat and a light jacket for the evening.

Are there any wild animals or poisonous plants to worry about? 
The San Gabriel Mountains are home to black bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and bobcats, but the chances of any large animals being near town during the day are low, and all of them fear humans. Rattlesnakes are also rare, though encountering one on a trail is more likely than the others mentioned. If walking through forest areas, be sure to watch your step, and don’t put your hands in any occluded holes. As for plants, poodle-dog bush should be avoided, as it’s a skin-irritant similar to poison oak, but none has been seen on the grounds.

Are there any wild animals or plants to enjoy? 
Of course! Nature is one of the reasons people come to Wrightwood. Trees in the area include ponderosa, jeffrey, sugar, and pinon pines; incense cedar; douglas and white firs; live oak; mountain mahogany; and California black oak. Many flowers might be blooming in late May: penstemon, baby blue eyes, fushia, western wallflower, mariposa lily, and lupine. Wrightwood is known for its many birds. Summer inhabitants include songbirds, such as the black-headed grosbeak, bullock’s oriole, western tanager and a variety of hummingbirds. Year-round inhabitants include woodpeckers (e.g. red-shafted flicker, white-headed woodpecker, red-breasted sapsucker, acorn woodpecker, nuttall’s woodpecker and others), spotted and California towhee, oak titmouse, lesser goldfinch, western chickadee, western bluebird, house finch, stellar & scrub jays, mountain quail, sparrows and more. There are many raptors: red-tailed hawk, cooper’s hawk, merlin hawk, American kestrel, some owls, and an occasional golden eagle.

What is your COVID policy?
The Festival will be following the guidelines recommended by the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health. There is currently no mask requirement in any of the Festival’s settings. Handwashing stations are available in all restrooms. Visitors are encouraged to take whatever precautions they feel comfortable with.

Is Wrightwood wheelchair accessible?
The Festival is wheelchair accessible, although accessible parking is limited.

Are there restrooms on-site?
Yes, there are full toilets on site and designated on the Festival map. The restrooms at the Community Building are wheelchair accessible.

Where is parking for the Festival?
Parking in Wrightwood is first-come, first-served on the streets in town. We recommend coming early for the best parking.

Is the Wrightwood Arts & Wine Festival an annual event?
2022 was the inaugural event, and it’s returned for 2023. Watch our website for news of future events, WrightwoodArts.com. And sign up for the WAC newsletter to find out about arts activities in our community.

What are the food options at the Festival and in Wrightwood?
There are a variety of restaurants in Wrightwood, as designated on the Festival map. Festival vendors for the 2023 event include Cousins Maine Lobster (seafood), Gingi’s (sushi/fusion), Van’s Kitchen (Thai), 4Starters (healthy bites/smoothies), Rose Noir (chocolates/baked goods) and Bamboo Ice (shaved ice).


  1. Judith a Bernstein

    do you know how far a drive in hours/miles you are from the Central coast (arroyo grande but Santa Barbara would give me a good idea.

  2. thanks for that advice I would at least want to spend one night in the area

  3. Lynn Blickensderfer

    Is this event primarily indoors or primarily outdoors?

    1. Primarily outdoors. The poetry workshops and slam are indoors, but everything else is outside in the fresh air and the forecast is for 70 degrees and sunny!

  4. Is the event dog friendly?

    1. Sorry for the slow reply, this hadn’t come up yet, so we had to discuss. But dogs are welcome if they’re leashed and well-behaved, but can’t come into the food court or wine garden.

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